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103 Main Street, Bramley, Rotherham,
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Chocolate Banana is not a food replacement but works alongside your lifestyle change helping you to achieve the results you want!

The first thing that you should find is an increase in energy levels, this is a good sign that Chocolate Banana is at work. You also should notice that your appetite is curbed and you're snacking less. Inches should also melt away from your body, as your body will also get rid of the extra water that it stores.

Chocolate Banana is also especially popular with people who don't necessarily need to lose weight they just need extra energy for either a long shift at work, a busy day at home or just as a general pick me up. So join the thousands of people who have benefited from no hunger pangs and lots of energy as they lose weight and inches with Chocolate Banana.

Chocolate Banana is suitable for both men and women.

  • New Enhanced Formula
  • UK Manufacturer
  • 4-6 week course (120 tablets)
  • UK Top Seller

Chocolate Banana Slimming Tablets bottle

Also Available to buy in salon